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The £39.99 PowerBug Service Centre is a quick and cost effective way to get your PowerBug products serviced, evaluated or repaired.

Our £39.99 charge covers the cost of:
- Sending a trolley box to your address
- A courier pick up of your product from your address
- The inspection of your item and any labour cost whilst in our workshop
- The re-delivery of the product once the necessary work, repair or replacement has been carried out

The only additional costs will be for parts, if required, to service or repair your product.
Before any work is carried out we shall first contact you to confirm that you are happy for us to go ahead with any work required.

Once the £39.99 Service Centre facility has been purchased we'll automatically dispatch a box to put your trolley into for transport.

Upon receipt of your box or when the item is ready for collection please contact us on 01753 857838.

If using your own box, please call us as soon as your product is ready for collection as this will save time and get you back on track even faster!

We can at this time arrange a courier collection and gather some information about your item.

We may then provide you with a returns number or name to mark on the outside of the box.

Please ensure that your product is boxed and ready for collection when calling.

If not using a PowerBug box, please package your trolley appropriately using a box no bigger than 850mm x 560mm x 330mm. Any box larger than this will incur an added collection/delivery charge.

Please note: We cannot be held responsible for damage to product that is inappropriately packaged whilst in transit to us.

Once the product arrives at PowerBug HQ we shall get straight to work identifying any problems and fitting any pre-agreed parts.

Remember there will be no charge for labour as that is included with the £39.99 Service Centre charge.

After our work is completed the product shall be boxed up and sent back via one of our national carriers.

Please note this service is only available to those within the UK Mainland.

Benefits of the PowerBug Service Centre
- No hidden call out charges!
- No extortionate labour costs!
- No long wait times! (We anticipate turning your trolley around within 72 hours of receiving it)

Speedy Service
As soon as you activate our Service Centre facility, things happen quickly.
No more waiting for service engineers to arrive or trips to the repair-shop.
Our service centre is fast and efficient.

Peace of Mind
Using our maintenance service, you have the peace of mind knowing that your product is being evaluated and maintained by the PowerBug team.
We care about the service that we offer and will maintain your product in a professional and efficient manner without costing you a fortune!

If you have any questions about the PowerBug Service Centre please feel free to give the team a call on 01753 857 838 (Option 2)