NX Umbrella Holder

NX Umbrella Holder

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The NX Umbrella Holder is an essential accessory for UK golfers using the NX range of PowerBug trolleys.

Designed specifically for the NX range, this holder provides a sturdy base for securely mounting your golf umbrella. Its single pivot point ensures easy and stable attachment.

Thanks to its simplified design, you can easily fold your NX trolley with the Umbrella Holder still attached.

There's no need for an additional Accessory Dock, as the NX trolleys come with a built-in accessory station on the handle.

Please note, this Umbrella Holder is only compatible with the newer NX range. If you have an older PowerBug trolley, click here for the compatible Umbrella Holder.

PowerBug umbrella compatibility

Will my umbrella fit?

Providing your golf umbrella handle has a diameter of 37mm or less, it will be compatible with this Umbrella Holder.