Bug Bag

Bug Bag

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Heavy Duty Travel Cover

A robust trolley transport solution tailored for all PowerBug models, as well as various other trolley brands such as Motocaddy and Powakaddy.

This bag serves a dual purpose: not only does it simplify the task of transporting your trolley, but it also acts as a safeguard, keeping your car clean during transit.

Portability Made Simple:
Effortlessly transport your trolley with this user-friendly bag.

Convenient Storage:
When not in use, this bag is easy to store, ensuring it doesn't take up unnecessary space.

Built to Last:
Crafted from heavy-duty materials, it offers durability and longevity.

Universal Fit:
Its universal sizing accommodates trolleys from various leading electric golf trolley brands, making it a versatile choice for golfers.

Compatible with the following trolley brands & models:

• All PowerBug models
• All Motocaddy S-Series trolleys
• All Motocaddy M-Series trolleys
• Powakaddy FW3, FW5, FW7
• Powakaddy FX1, FX3, FX5 & FX7
• ProRider Electric Trolleys
• Ben Sayers Electric Trolleys
• Caddymatic Electric Trolleys


This travel cover will be compatible if your folded trolley fits within the specified dimensions:

Length: 92cm
Width: 62cm
Height: 52cm