Storing Your Golf Trolley Battery

Storing Your Golf Trolley Battery

The Best Way to Store Your Lithium Battery

Due to the current pandemic & lockdown situation we have been frequently asked about how best to store your Lithium golf trolley battery.

The below guidance is for the PowerBug range of Lithium batteries but should also be good guidance for other brands of battery.
If you don’t have a PowerBug battery we recommend checking with your battery manufacturer for their specific guidelines.

During a winter break or periods when you are unable to use your golf trolley it is best to follow the steps below:

- Fully charge your battery.

- Once the charger is displaying a fully charged state, disconnect the battery from the charger.

- The battery can be stored in this state for 3-6 months.

- Although our Lithium batteries have a very low standby discharge rate, we recommend that when you are ready to go back out onto the golf course that you plug your battery back in to the charger the night before to top it up.
You will probably find that the battery is still in a fully charged state but it is advisable to double check.