Pre-Order A PowerBug Electric Trolley

Pre-Order A PowerBug Electric Trolley

Due to the huge demand for electric golf trolleys upon re-opening the golf courses this Spring we have unfortunately completely sold out of all electric trolleys within the range.

Our new stock will be available from early June 2021, and we are now taking pre orders for delivery on or before the 8th of June 2021.

Customers will have the choice of securing their new PowerBug trolley with a £50.00 partial payment, or by paying in full for immediate dispatch upon the trolley being available.

How does the £50.00 pre-order work?

Step 1:
Select £50.00 partial payment when pre-ordering your new PowerBug.

(See the snippet below)

Electric golf trolley pre-order

Step 2:

Complete the purchase for the £50.00 payment.
You have now secured and pre-ordered your new PowerBug.
Please note: The full payment option is also available should you wish to pay in full when pre-ordering. This will expedite the dispatch process upon the trolley becoming available.

Step 3:
Approximately 5 working days before your trolley is ready for dispatch, we'll send you an email with a payment link to process the remaining part of the payment.
If you would prefer to do this over the phone, please feel free to call the team on 01753 857 838.

Step 4:
Your new trolley will be delivered to you on or before the 8th of June!