Best Electric Golf Caddy For Hills - GT DHC Sport Series | PowerBug
Best Electric Golf Caddy For Hills Battery - GT DHC Sport Series | PowerBug
Best Electric Golf Caddy For Hills - GT DHC Sport Series | PowerBug
Best Electric Golf Caddy For Hills - GT DHC Sport Series | PowerBug

GT DHC Sport Series

Sale price£499.00
Wateproof golf bag discount with PowerBug electric golf trolley

PowerBug GT DHC Sport Lithium Electric Golf Trolley

The perfect electric golf trolley for the golfer that plays on a hilly course.

The GT DHC Sport electric trolley is the best value Lithium powered trolley with DHC features on the market.

DHC stands for "Down Hill Control" meaning that this trolley will maintain a consistent speed when traveling down hill.

An electronic parking brake also makes stopping on a hill to take your shot much easier.

electric golf trolley battery

Standard Lithium Battery

Lightweight and powerful golf trolley battery

• 18+ Hole Course Coverage
• Lightweight - Only 2.5kg
• Full 24 Month Manufacturer Warranty

electric golf trolley down hill control

DHC - Down Hill Control

Maintain speed when traveling down hill. Easy parking with the electronic parking brake

Down Hill Control allows the trolley user to automatically maintain a constant speed when walking down hill, preventing the trolley from running away when being used on a hilly golf course.

In addition to the Down Hill Control, the GT DHC also features a parking brake.

This allows the trolley to be safely parked on a hill or slope eliminating the risk of the trolley rolling away whilst unattended.


PowerBug GT Plus Features

Added Features

Larger handle display with the following added features:

• Clock & Round Timer
• Battery Level Display
• Distance Tracking

The GT DHC will record how far the trolley has traveled in yards or meters.

Electric golf trolley distance control

Variable Run And Park - VRAP

Set the PowerBug to run and park automatically

Designed to help speed up play on the golf course, you can set the PowerBug trolley to automatically run and stop for up to 50 yards.

Perfect for sending the trolley and clubs in the general direction of the next tee whilst you finish up on the green!

Electric golf trolley with USB charging point

USB Charging Point

Keep your mobile or GPS device charged whilst on the golf course

Handy USB charging point located underneath the handle.
Perfect for keeping your devices charged whilst on the course.


Sport series lithium golf trolley warranty

2 Year Trolley & Battery Warranty

Unrivaled product backup & support

• 2 Year Trolley Warranty
• 2 Year Battery Warranty

Electric golf trolley best reviews

Purchase With Confidence

Unrivalled Value & Customer Care - Over 4500 online customer reviews!

We pride ourselves on not only providing an industry best electric golf trolley to our customers but also taking care of them and the product once they join the PowerBug family.

Take advantage of all of the features of the more expensive brands out there without the price tag.

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golf trolley specifications

With Battery: 12.0kg
Without Battery: 9.5kg

Full Feature List:

• FREE UK Delivery
• Standard Lithium Battery & Charger
• Down Hill Control
• Electronic Parking Brake
• Clock & Round Timer
• Battery Level Display
• Distance Tracking
• USB Charging Point
• Full 2 Year Trolley & Battery Warranty
• VRAP Distance Control
• 9 Different Speed Settings
• Folds Up & Down in Seconds
• Quick Release Wheels
• Can Also Be Used as a Push Trolley
• High Traction Tyres