Charger Check Service

Charger Check Service

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Electric Golf Trolley Battery Charger Check Service

It is recommended that you have your charger regularly inspected to ensure against malfunction.
Charging units that do not perform correctly or have been damaged will significantly shorten the battery life and could ultimately be dangerous.

Is your charger more than a year old?
We recommend that you have it checked.
Your batteries don't last as long as they should?
It could be a charger problem.
Having your charger checked could save you money by avoiding costly battery replacements.

This service costs just £15.00 and includes return product delivery by Royal Mail to you.
All we ask is that you post your charger to us with a copy of your order (It will be sent to you by email when you check out) and we will do the rest!*
Upon receipt we shall test your chargers performance and if it is functioning properly, return it to you by Royal Mail.

If your charger should fail its performance test, we shall inform you of the result.
We then have two options.
1) Return the faulty charger to you by Royal Mail
2) Offer you a replacement 4 amp charger at the retail price less the cost of the charger check!
In the event of a test failure, this allows you to purchase a replacement charger at nearly half price with a full 12 month product warranty!

If you decide to purchase this service, please complete your order and send your old charger to:

PowerBug Charger Check
Wizza LTD
Unit 1, HTF Business Centre
Heath End Road
Flackwell Heath
HP10 9QH


*We cannot be held responsible for lost property whilst in transit to us.
Proof of postage is not proof of receipt.
The vast majority of product sent to us arrives safely but If concerned, always send product to us with signature required upon delivery.

Battery chargers have no serviceable parts and if not functioning correctly, replace immediately!
As with all electronic units, they wear out eventually.

We at Power Bug are always making improvements to our products.
Our new PowerBug chargers are intelligent, three stage, 4A chargers delivering the best charging characteristics for the price.
Chargers advertised on our web site are the most up to date models and are suitable for use on all PowerBug batteries.